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USD $225

- $225
Digital images and products sold separately.
Texas state/local sales tax included in sale.


USD $225

- $225
Digital images and products sold separately.
Texas state/local sales tax included in sale.


USD $255

- $255
Digital images and products sold seperately.
Texas state/local sales tax included in sale.

I have answers!
What can I include in my photos?
Let me know if there is something important to you for your photos. I can get the creative juices flowing and find a way to make it happen. That may be a prop of some kind, a special piece of jewelry, or hat that really shows you When I have a challenge or a need, I love to do my best to meet it and make something wonderful!
What happens after I book a session?
After you have contacted me and we have scheduled a session, we will get a contract in place and discuss payment!
What about my clothes? What should I wear?
If you have questions, feel free to ask me! I have even covered this in some of my blog posts. I can help or recommend things, if you are feeling unsure. Ultimately, I want you to feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. Pick what works for you, but come to me with any doubts!
What style photographer are you?
My sessions are pretty laid back. We don’t go too crazy! I'm a little more mellow in my approach. If you need something, I love to help in whatever way I can. Always speak up and know I am working on my end to make the details come together, between taking the photos and watching for twisty necklace clasps. The details matter!
How will my photos be styled?
When it comes to my photos, I don’t like to put myself in one particular category. I primarily shoot outdoors and love a more natural, colorful photo. I don’t like to put a label on myself because different types of sessions bring different needs. Some sessions need to be just a little more bold and poppy, while others need to be a little softer feeling. My photos are almost always bright and well lit. I do love a lot of light in a photo.
What happens after a session?
After all photos are edited, they will be added to your personal gallery. From the gallery, you will have access to a store to purchase images, prints, and other products.
I hope that answers your questions. If you have any more, let me know. I’d love to talk to you.
I'm a senior, can I have outfit changes?
Yes! Please do! Let's have some fun. I have a pop up changing tent, if you need to change in weird places.


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